Trick or Vote is the nation’s largest get out the vote effort…in costume!


According to a 2001 Yale study, face-to-face interaction is the single best way to get someone to vote.  Knocking on doors increases voter turnout by a whopping 8-12%, more than any other method.

If knocking on doors is the best way to get out the vote, what is the one day each year people expect a knock on their door? Halloween.

And when does Halloween happen to fall on the calendar? Always a few days before the election.

So, while you may be too old to Trick or Treat, you’re never too old to Trick or Vote.

Volunteering at Trick or Vote

So what’s it like to volunteer at Trick or Vote? In most places, Trick or Vote volunteers will dress up in costume on Halloween and knock on doors in their neighborhoods reminding people to vote.  In other places, they’ll make phone calls to deliver the message or swarm public events to collect vote pledges. Once they’re done scaring out the vote, they’re treated to a killer Halloween party.

Check out our F.A.Q. to learn more about getting involved.

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Trick or Vote in 2014

This year, on and around Halloween, Trick or Vote events will take place all across the country and volunteers will talk to thousands of voters with one simple, nonpartisan message: vote.

To reach the most people possible, Trick or Vote uses an open and flexible organizing model, offering anyone who wants to participate the tools to recruit volunteers and walk their neighborhood. Through, groups of all sizes can get their fright on under the Trick or Vote banner (so long as it all stays nonpartisan, of course).

Our Haunted History

Trick or Vote began in 2004 in Portland, Oregon and in 2008, it had its breakout year. That Halloween, with involvement from 30 organizations operating in 35 cities, costumed volunteers knocked on 100,000 doors on that single night, reminding people to vote, distributing nonpartisan voter guides, and generating both grassroots and media awareness just before the election. Campaign & Elections Politics Magazine’s Reed Awards recognized this historic effort as the “Best GOTV Plan & Execution” in North America.  Trick or Vote 2008 was a raging success, and Trick or Vote 2010 did it even bigger, reaching over 160,000 households across the country.

You can make 2014 the biggest year yet by signing up to host a Trick or Vote event in your community.

Fine Print
Trick or Vote is a nonpartisan program of the Bus Federation Civic Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to finding innovative ways of engaging the next generation in what it calls “hands-on democracy.” Trick or Vote is a strictly nonpartisan tool for engaging more people in our democracy, and it does not endorse any candidate, issue or ballot measure.