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The first thing we find about the fundamental constants is that they have just the right values, with very little room to maneuver if one was trying to set these up to allow the formation of life in a universe through some laws of nature. The relative masses of the elementary particles also need to have precise values.


Our earth is placed at just the right distance from the sun and the other planets in our solar system. Any closer to the sun we’d burn up, and any further distance away we’d freeze. With a nearly circular orbit we enjoy a comparatively narrow range of temperatures compared with the moon and the other planets. The earth’s 24 hour rotation ensures even heating.


The moon is the right size and distance from us to keep the oceans circulating and not stagnating. It also stabilizes the tilt of the earth’s axis, the tilt being responsible for our seasons. Water, one of the strangest substances known to science, plays a key role as life is mostly water and we need it to live. For example it has a high specific heat, which means that chemical reactions within the human body will be kept stable.