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Frightening FAQ

Frightening FAQ

The menagerie increases as there are also antiparticles, composite particles for example baryons, mesons, and hadrons mentioned above, and hypothetical particles postulated by theory examples are tachyons, gravitons, and the Higgs boson that has now been discovered, which through its associated field provides mass to particles. Particles can also have different spins, and symmetries play a fundamental role at both the subatomic and atomic levels.


For example atoms are highly symmetric and most of the molecules and all crystalline materials have some elements of symmetry. These symmetries can be explained by an abstract branch of mathematics called group theory. The force of gravity cannot be a lot greater. Also, the ratio of the electromagnetic force to the gravity force is critical. It is related to the radiation required for the operation of necessary chemical reactions that are essential for life.


This would mean no long-term stars and no hydrogen containing compounds such as water. We also need a right mix of helium and hydrogen, which is obtained by balancing the weak force and gravity. If the ratio was slightly weaker, the big-bang would burn up most of the hydrogen, turning it into helium leaving little or no hydrogen and many heavier elements instead.