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Studies have shown that the relationships of these constants are absolutely critical. A slight variation of the ratios of the constants can cause disaster at both the atomic level and the stellar level so that the resulting universe would be unsuitable for life of any imaginable type, and perhaps not even exist.


The frequency distribution of electromagnetic radiation produced by the sun is also critical, as it needs to be tuned to the energies of chemical bonds on earth. It is also matched to the unique window of light transmission by water, water being an essential ingredient of living tissue and eyes in particular. The mass of an electron and Planck’s constant are also involved in the matching. It also has a surface tension so it can move upwards nourishing plants.


In contrast to everything else, it freezes from the top down so that fresh water and sea creatures can survive underneath. This created the oxygen in our atmosphere. In an endeavor to explain why the universe is fine-tuned, some writers have introduced the idea of the “Anthropic Principle”, which is stated in various ways and has been proposed in roughly two forms the weak and the strong versions.